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Klen Clear Seal

CLEARSEAL is a water-based sealer primarily designed to be used as a preseal to help with clean up of grout and mortar prior to use of another protective sealer such as Tuscan Seal or Stone Clear. It also finds application as a water repellent sealer for masonry walls.

CLEARSEAL is invisible to the naked eye and will not change the appearance to the surface treated. It is not designed to be the final sealer used on masonry floors.

CLEARSEAL will require retreatment every 3 – 5 years.


Prior to application of CLEARSEAL, the surface should be clean and dry. Grease, oil or dirt will interfere with the effectiveness of the sealing or pre-sealing process.

Before grouting apply 1 liberal coat of CLEARSEAL to a clean dry surface by brush, cloth, lambswool applicator or for large areas a broom, cotton mop or spray application may be used. Allow to dry for 6 8 hours, (overnight if possible), before grouting. Coverage is typically 12 /litre, but may vary from 8 /litre for very porous surfaces or tiles to 16 /litre for very dense surfaces or tiles.


Avoid contact with skin & eyes and avoid breathing vapour or spray mist.


Since the use of this product is beyond the control of either seller or manufacturer, their only obligation shall be to replace any quantity of product which is proven defective. They cannot assume any risk or liability in excess of the purchase price of the product itself, which does not include labour or any consequential damages resulting from the use of this product. Determining the suitability of this product for any intended use shall be solely the responsibility of the user. ALWAYS TEST FIRST.


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