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How does solar work?

Solar pool heating is fundamentally a straight forward process.

This diagram shows the most common setup for a solar pool heating system and the components involved.


How Solar Pool Heating Works

1. A solar pump, pumps cold water from the pool.

2. Large pipes carry it on to a sunny roof.

3. There, the water pressure pushes it through a set of small tubes joined together to form strips of ‘collector’.

4. The Sun heats the water in the tubes as it moves out to the Flat Loop.

5. The FLT reverses the flow and returns the warmed water along another set of parallel tubes where it gathers even more heat.

6. Eventually the fully heated water reaches a different large pipe which carries it back to the pool.

7. The whole system is controlled by a solar controller.

8. And the perfect flow level is maintained by a sophisticated system of valves and gauges.


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