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River Sands Pty. Ltd. (ABN 009 919 215) warranty for the product known as Quartzon complies with the requirements of the Trade Practices Act 1974 – Statutory Warranties.

1. River Sands Pty. Ltd. warrants that for a period of seven years following installation, Quartzon is of Merchantable Quality. Therefore, the product will be of a level of quality and performance that is reasonable to expect having regard to its price and the way it is described.

2. River Sands Pty Ltd. Warrants that Quartzon corresponds to the relevant descriptions and samples. We warrant that all Quartzon samples are made from actual Quartzon material.

Please Note: Quartzon is applied by hand under varying conditions, therefore pool colours may vary depending on site conditions, surrounding colours, cloud cover and depth of water.


White & Coloured Plaster Handcrafted Finishes

The contractor agrees to plaster the pool at the above address and guarantees that for a period of one (1) year the plaster will be water tight and will not peel, blister, or delaminate provided that the pool structure remains sound, that start-up procedures recommended by the builder or service company are followed, and that all the water chemistry after the start-up is properly maintained in accordance with the instructions from your builder or service company. Water chemistry consists of: pH, total alkalinity, hardness (calcium & magnesium), iron, copper, and total dissolved solids (TDS).

Since pool plaster is composed of natural minerals which have certain inherent characteristics, a certain amount of shading or colour variation is a natural occurrence which should not be construed as a defect and which only enhances the natural beauty of you pool. Homeowner agrees that the plaster is NOT guaranteed for evenness of colour and may not be the exact shade anticipated. The shade and colour may vary and fade over time. The plaster may become streaked, blotchy or have a mottled appearance over which the contractor has no control. Homeowner understands that crazing (check cracks and hairline cracks) may be noticeable and may be quite pronounced with coloured plaster.

Due to atmospheric conditions (humidity, temperature, etc.) during plastering, light and dark streaks (a marbleized look) may appear in the plaster and may be more pronounced on a cloudy day or at night with the light on. These conditions are beyond the contractor’s control.

Chemicals alone will not produce sanitary pool water. a filtration system in proper operational condition is also required to attain sparkling clear, polished, sanitary water.


Established in 1982, the SSL has grown and developed over the years to it’s present status, with two Companies now operating.. These being SSL Distributors Ltd.(previously known as Sunbather Systems Ltd), and  Ultra Corporation Ltd.


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