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Pool Salt Chlorinators

Pool Lab PL+


SSL Distributors is the NZ distributor for all Pool Lab products.

Their range is the most technologically advanced salt chlorinator in the world, stocking PL25+, PL35+ & PL45+ models. 


  • Eliminates the need to store dangerous quantities of chlorine
  • No daily manual chlorine dosing
  • Removes health risks associated with these practices above
  • Automatic self cleaning cell
  • Automatic low and high salt warnings
  • Automatic digital time clock controls pump
  • Automatic plumbing flush prevents corrosion
  • Diagnostic display
  • Efficient switch mode power supply
  • Easy to program and operate
  • Heavy duty construction for outdoor installations
  • Optional spa switch to prevent over chlorination
  • Connect to an ASP


Using mild salt water to produce safe and efficient chlorine which is said to benefit asthma sufferers and those who find conventional pool water irritating. 

Pool Lab chlorinators require only 3,000ppm or 0.3%. The human body has a salinity of approx. 4500ppm and fresh water is zero.

It is the similarity between the salinity of the human body and that of a salt pool that make for a silky luxurious swimming experience.

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Established in 1982, the SSL has grown and developed over the years to it’s present status, with two Companies now operating.. These being SSL Distributors Ltd.(previously known as Sunbather Systems Ltd), and  Ultra Corporation Ltd.


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