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EZCover Vinyl Pool Covers


EZCover Product Highlights:

  • Manually open and close the pool cover in 50-70 seconds!
  • Durable maintenance free operation
  • Handle medium to large pools with ease
  • Looks like an automatic pool cover
  • Moves like an automatic pool cover
  • Exceeds ASTM F1346-91 standards
  • No electrical hazard near the pool
  • Excellent SEVEN year fabric warranty
  • Lifetime mechanism warranty
  • Mechanism can be locked to prevent access
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Aquamatic Cover System FAQs

Can i choose a colour for my pool cover?

Yes, there are twelve custom colours to choose from on the pool cover and six custom colours for the composite polymer lids and benches.

What is the pool cover made of ?

The AquaMatic pool cover is made of heavy gauge, 16-18 oz. vinyl, reinforced with high strength Dacron mesh.

Will the automatic swimming pool cover help to heat the pool?

The pool cover turns your pool into a large passive solar collector that will raise the water temperature 6 to 10 degrees on the average.

Will the automatic pool cover extend my swimming season?

Yes, by holding the heat in the pool at night and capturing the sun’s rays during the day, your swimming season will be extended.

Is the AquaMatic swimming pool cover a safety cover?

The primary function of the HydraMatic and EZCover Pool Cover Systems is your family’s safety. However, the HydraLux is solely an energy pool cover and not a safety cover.

Are the systems astm and afnor approved?

Yes, the Hydramatic and EZ-Cover pool cover systems have been tested by UL and exceed the ASTM F1346-91. Additionally, these covers also exceed the Afnor NF-P90-308 for France.

Do i still add chemicals the same way?

Yes, but the chemicals needed to sanitize your pool should be cut in half by using the AquaMatic Pool Cover System.

Are there any concerns with a salt pool?

With pools using salt water chlorination, when the cover is retracted off of the pool, residual water will run off of the cover and onto some of the peripheral components in the cover recess. When this water evaporates, it will leave behind a pure salt residue. This salt residue can corrode these components (we all know what salt does to cars!) and any damaged caused from salt pools is NOT covered under the limited warranty. To reduce the chance of corrosion, we recommend that you scrub and hose (with fresh water) your mechanism down at least on a monthly basis.

Do the pool covers come with a warranty?

Yes, the AquaMatic Pool Cover System has the best warranty in the industry, twenty years on the mechanism and seven years on the fabric. Hydraulic systems only. The EZ-COVER mechanism has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Should i remove rainwater from my pool cover?

Yes, standing water on pool cover, is just as dangerous as no cover at all. Most Hydramatic automatic pool covers are equipped with a built-in rainwater removal feature. A combination zipper and/or screen will act as the bailing device while the cover is being opened. This feature should be adequate for most situations, however for excessive water, an automated cover pump is included with both the Hydramatic automatic and EZ-Cover manual system, and must be used prior to operating the pool cover.

Should I continue to use my automatic pool cleaner?

That depends. You may feel your AquaMatic pool cover keeps dirt and debris out of the pool, so you may need you pool cleaner on a limited basis.

Can my filter be operated less often?

Yes, you can save 30 to 60% on your electric costs in operating the pool.

Can I prevent the cover from being operated when i’m not around?

Yes, the AquaMatic cover is controlled with a key operated on/off switch. Just remove the key to secure the cover in a closed position.

Does the aquamatic cover have wheels?

No, the AquaMatic pool cover has a technologically advanced and patented slide system, which eliminates wear and tear on the cover.

Is the aquamatic cover the best automatic pool cover available today?

yes, based on:
  • Standard features
  • Material used
  • Product reliability
  • Price


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